Daily Buzz 4.10.13: Pilar Sanders prepping tell-all biography

    New video: Nicki Minaj’s ‘Up In Flames’

    Nicki Minaj

    Photo courtesy Twitter

    Nicki Minaj doesn’t want anyone to forget that this Barbie has built herself into a brand. On her new video for “Up In Flames,” Nicki is hustling in the studio and giving everyone a quick rundown of all that she’s accomplished since hitting the music scene in a big way.

    For those of you that have forgotten, Nicki has: Hits on the Billboard charts, lipsticks with MAC Cosmetics, a fragrance, a lucrative new gig on “American Idol,” a Pepsi endorsement deal and a fashion line just to name a few things.

    Somehow while listing all of her accolades, she still managed to fit in a controversial line, rapping, “I’mma violate your a*ses like Chris Stokes.”

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