Jay-Z speaks on recent controversy in ‘Open Letter’

    Beyonce & Jay-Z

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    Jay-Z has dropped a new track to let everyone know that he really doesn’t care what you think about his choice of vacation spots or what he’s doing with his share of the Brooklyn Nets.

    Much like Beyoncé shut down controversy over her Inauguration performance by performing The National Anthem live at a Super Bowl press conference, Hov has spoken out on a new track title “Open Letter.”

    He’s got a lot to speak on becaue it has certainly been an eventful week for Hov.

    First, he and his wife Beyoncé came under fire for choosing to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary in Cuba. Some people were mad that Hov and B were supposedly supporting a communist regime by visiting the island nation, while others questioned the legality of the trip. Due to a long-standing U.S. embargo on Cuba, American citizens are not allowed to visit for tourism, but they can, however, get a special license to go for a cultural exchange. Side note: Bey and Jay’s excursion to Cuba was proven to be a legal trip.

    Then, there were reports that Jay is selling off his ownership share of the Brooklyn Nets so that he can represent NBA players in his new endeavor, Roc Nation Sports. People had quite a bit to say about that as well.

    Up until today, Jay and Beyoncé have remained fairly quiet on the criticisms, but that’s probably because he was busy creating a comeback in the studio.

    “I done turned Havana to Atlanta, Guayabera shirts and bandanas/Every time you think they got me I switch the plan up,” Jay rhymes about his trip to Cuba before questioning the accusations that he supports communism. ” I’m in Cuba, I love Cubans, This communist talk is so confusing/When it’s from China, the very mic that I’m using.”

    And as far as word that he’s selling his stake in thet Net, Hov raps, “I still own the building, I’m still keeping my seat.”

    Hear what else he has to say in “Open Letter” below!

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