Angell Conwell adjusting to life in Genoa City

    Angell Conwell, Young and the Restless“Young & the Restless” is a TV staple celebrating four decades this year, but for newcomer Angell Conwell, the soap world is new territory.

    Though she’s no stranger to the big or small screens, Angell said working on a daytime soap takes some getting used to.

    “It’s definitely a bit of a challenge. The taping of a soap opera is completely different from anything I’ve ever done. We’re taping maybe two to three shows every day, one take each scene and you’re moving on,” she explained to Sister 2 Sister. “It’s taking some adjusting, but it’s happening, slowly, but surely.”

    It doesn’t hurt that Angell, who plays attorney Leslie Michaelson on “Y&R,” was already familiar with its characters before she became a cast member.

    “My granny watched the show before I was even born, so did my grandfather and my mother…I knew all of the characters and I knew about all the storylines,” said Angell, who’s still transitioning from viewer to cast member.

    “You’re working with people that you’ve seen on your television screen since your childhood days,” she said. “I still call Kristoff [St. John] ‘Neal’ by accident.”

    Although she’s new to the series, Angell works with many of the show’s established actors, including Kristoff, with whom her character has a romantic relationship.

    While she’s enjoyed working on “hood classics” such as Soul Plane and Baby Boy, Angell said she’s glad to be playing a professional woman, especially considering some of the questionable representations of Black women on TV these days.

    “She’s a lawyer. She’s a strong woman,” said Angell. “I’m really definitely feeling blessed with Leslie because she’s a layered character, and we are layered human beings, so I think that we deserve characters that represent that.”

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