Daily Buzz 4.15.13: ‘Basketball Wives: LA’ canceled?

    Tahiry blasts Kaylin

    V_TAHIRY_11_19_12_000974-RETOUCHED_-_3.jpgTahiry doesn’t think people should feel too bad for Joe Budden’s ex-girlfriend Kaylin Garcia. Season 3 of “Love & Hip Hop” left people feeling very sympathetic to Kaylin, who was kicked out of Joe’s house when he decided to breakup with her and explore the possibility of getting back with Tahiry.

    But during a break in filming for the “LHH” reunion, she told VH1 that Kaylin is not as innocent as she looks. “Y’all could eat that sh*t if you want. All this damsel in distress bullsh*t. Because I have a big mouth and I’m loud all of a sudden I’m the aggressor?” Tahiry said before dropping a major accusation about Kaylin. “See I don’t like that sh*t. She ain’t that innocent when she doing them threesomes with a d*ck in her mouth.”

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