Eric Williams has a warning for gays via Twitter rant

    eric-williams.jpgMany celebs are known for using social media as a soapbox and Eric Williams, formerly of “Basketball Wives,” used his 140 characters to share his views on homosexuality and church.

    Arguably two of the most hot-button topics ever, Eric didn’t seem influenced by the popular opinion. While polls show that more than half of Americans now support gay marriage, Eric discouraged acceptance of the “lifestyle.”

    “Gay people! Change your ways. It’s to late for this lifetime but not for the next…,” he wrote. “Being #gay at the end of the day is an abomination of a situation.”

    While at first glance, Eric’s posts may sound reminiscent of what could be heard from pulpits across the nation a decade ago, and from many still today, he clarified that he’s not exactly a churchgoer.

    “Church is almost similar 2the devil. They both need ur #soul 2do there deeds,” he wrote.

    See more of Eric’s tweets below.

    Eric WilliamsEricWiliams2

    Although his thoughts might not be the most popular, should Eric and other celebs continue to share their political views via social media, or should they keep their personal opinions to themselves? Leave your comments below.

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