Phaedra Parks blasts Kenya Moore for ‘RHOA’ reunion threat

    Phaedra Parks, Real Housewives of Atlanta season 5 reunion

    Photo courtesy Bravo

    Phaedra Parks is shocked but not surprised that Kenya Moore physically threatened her during part 1 of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 5 reunion.

    Since the three-part reunion began on April 7, Phaedra revealed that many people have been reaching out to her to make sure that she’s ok. While many people couldn’t believe that Kenya said she’d knock Phaedra’s teeth out–pregnant or not–Phaedra took it in stride.

    “As we have all seen this season, being inappropriate is the norm for Kenya,” Phaedra wrote in her Bravo blog, “but I was even taken aback that she would actually threaten to physically strike an eight month pregnant woman.”

    Then Phaedra again suggested that Kenya might be suffering from a mental condition, writing, “While violence is never acceptable under any circumstance, to even think about hitting a pregnant woman is horrifically despicable and evidences anything but sanity.”

    Ever since starting production on her own workout DVD, Kenya has made comparisons between her shape and Phaedra’s–often stating that the southern belle is simply not physically fit. And she feels that Kenya is setting a bad example for women that are struggling with their body image or even eating disorders.

    “It is very irresponsible for a person whose entire body shape is due to plastic surgery to criticize any woman who is natural,” Phaedra accused. Furthermore, it is fraud for her to suggest that she achieved her physique through exercise rather than plastic surgery intervention. If she were being honest, she would just give a referral to her plastic surgeons, rather than make a workout DVD.”

    And if Phaedra was looking a little rounder while shooting the Donkey Booty DVD, the entertainment lawyer has a very good explanation for that, revealing, “Many of you didn’t know I was pregnant when we shot our DVD.”

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