Quad Webb talks ‘Married to Medicine’ melee

    Quad Webb, Married to MedicineThings got a little out of hand on the most recent episode of “Married to Medicine,” and Quad Webb-Lunceford said she and her co-stars are not proud of the display.

    “I think we are all disappointed at what happened and how it transpired. It was definitely not something that we wanted,” Quad told Sister 2 Sister, noting that she only got to wear her $1,000 gown for 20 minutes.

    “It just went south very quickly,” said Quad who is unabashedly Team Mariah. Quad is somewhat of a little sister to Mariah Huq who was in the midst of hosting a birthday party for her husband when co-star Toya Bush-Harris approached Mariah to complain about the host’s mother. As a result, the two ended up rolling around on the floor with Mariah exerting a Kung Fu grip on a chunk of Toya’s hair.

    It was neither the time or the place for Toya’s concerns, especially when considering that Mariah was already upset with Toya for allegedly sharing a Huq family secret with a salon full of women, including Mariah’s sister and mother.

    “Toya has been doing some things that have been not so kind in regard to talking about people’s personal business or divulging personal business, and she said something about one of Mariah’s children, which is a very delicate area for everyone,” said Quad reiterating that Mariah’s daughter was adopted by her husband Aydin and not his biological child.

    “Aydin is the only father that she knows, and so for Toya to put it out in the atmosphere that Lauren is adopted…and do it in a passive aggressive way, that was just truly disrespectful,” she said. “That’s not for anyone outside of the Huq’s household to do.”

    It’s unclear whether Toya shared Mariah’s secret with ill intent, but there is little question in Quad’s mind.

    “I don’t think Toya even cared. It was malicious and she did it with the intent to hurt Mariah at the little girl’s expense,” said Quad. “I did not like it. I thought it was tasteless. I thought it was very disrespectful. I thought it was malicious. I thought that it was just horrible for an adult to stoop that low.”

    Like most of the party goers, Quad was shocked to see the ladies on the ground tussling just inches away from a pool. Luckily, no one fell in.

    “I was getting a cocktail at the time. By the time I turned around, it was already happening. I was very shocked. In all the years that I’ve known Mariah, I’ve never seen her behave in that manner, ever in life. My mouth was to the floor,” said Quad who attempted to separate the women whose husbands had to eventually rip them apart.

    Though the doctors’ wives have seemingly reinforced a stereotype perpetuated by other reality shows, as well, Quad said that was never the intent of the cast members, and it was just a mother’s instinct that led to the altercation.

    “I don’t really think that any of us want to go on TV and fight. Who wants to do that? Who would sign up for that? I don’t think anyone signed up for that,” she said. “When you bring someone’s children in the midst and their mother in the midst, it can infuriate a person and have them doing some things that they never thought they’d do.”

    Get more from Quad here: www.quadisverybusy.com. “Married to Medicine” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

    Watch a clip from the show.

    Who was at fault? Was the fight Mariah’s doing or is Toya to blame? Leave your comments below and vote.

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