‘RHOA’ Reunion Part 2: 5 Lessons Learned

    4. Definitions are subjective

    Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes

    Phaedra Parks couldn’t deny that she’d spent time with NeNe Leakes’ family, but she didn’t share her motives. Host Andy Cohen guessed that Phaedra was a little irritated that NeNe didn’t welcome her to “RHOA” as a friend. Phaedra insisted that the two knew one another from their youth in Athens, Georgia, but NeNe publicly refuted that. 

It seems their disagreement may have boiled down to their differing definitions of the word “know.” While Phaedra seemingly had some associations with NeNe’s family, that didn’t qualify as “knowing” for NeNe. However, Phaedra apparently thought whatever their relationship was did meet the “knowing” standard.

    Obviously, NeNe at least knew of Phaedra, but does anybody (other than her hubby Apollo Nida) really know Phaedra?

    Though NeNe said she’d forgiven Phaedra for her “stupid” actions, Andy had to question that, since NeNe was clearly hanging on to some feelings about it. Phaedra said she’d apologized to NeNe in South Africa, but apparently that wasn’t specific enough. So, she apologized during the reunion show, and NeNe said the two could move on.

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