Kandi Burruss doesn’t ‘mesh well’ with NeNe Leakes

    Nene-Leakes-Shoedazzle-3-1.jpgKandi Burruss thinks NeNe Leakes has a double standard allowing her to give her opinion about any and everyone, but labeling others “jealous” if they criticize her.

    “I feel like she’s the one who retweets when people say, ‘They jealous of you,’” Kandi told TheGrio.com, clarifying that she’s no reason to harbor those kinds of feelings. “There’s nothing that you got that I want,” she said.

    Without using the word, Kandi described NeNe as a bit of a hypocrite who wants to be able to say whatever she wants under the guise of free speech, but takes issue with others who do the same.

    “I personally feel that she always tries to say that whenever she says something, it’s her opinion, but if you say something to her or about her then it’s, ‘Oh, they jealous of me,’” she told MadameNoir.com.

    It’s no denying that the two women don’t exactly get along, but Kandi has said before and reiterated that she supports NeNe’s career, but she’s not sure NeNe can say the same when it comes to her.

    “I’m happy with everything she’s doing. I think she’s done some wonderful things…how she changed her career and used this platform to get to where she wanted to go, but she’s never complimented me on anything…ever,” she said.

    “Since I’ve been on the ‘Housewives,’ I’ve opened multiple clothing stores. I’ve started Bedroom Kandi. I’ve jumped off Kandi Koated Knights. I’ve got my own show. Never once has she congratulated me. She never comes to any of my events,” Kandi told MadameNoir.com.

    During Part 1 of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 5 reunion, the ladies hashed things out a bit, and Kandi explained that she’s felt differently about NeNe after the “Glee” star mentioned her late fiancé in a radio interview a few years ago.

    “When you were on the radio in the past, you were talking about my relationship with AJ [Jewell] and some things about whatever, and I thought, ‘Wow. That is not cool for you to say,” Kandi recalled.

    Though Kandi was a bit offended by NeNe’s past comments about AJ, she said there’s no beef now. The two just have never forged a friendship.

    “I don’t think we have a feud. I don’t even consider it a beef. I just feel like we don’t mesh well,” she said.

    Kandi talks to TheGrio.com.

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