K.Michelle quits ‘ Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’, calls co-stars jealous


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    K.Michelle may be waving goodbye to the drama and jealousy of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” and hello to another show.

    From trailers and teasers of “LHHA” season 2, it looks like K.Michelle is going to be arguing with everyone on the show. That’s just one of the reasons that the 0 F*cks Given singer has confirmed that this season will be her last on “LHHA” because it’s no longer a good fit for her.

    “If I know something is unhealthy for me why keep doing it?” K.Michelle told ABC News Radio. “I’m not saying that I’m not dealing with other ventures with VH1 and Mona [Scott-Young].”

    It may have been inevitable that K would leave “LHHA” since she’s moving up to New York to leave the drama of the ATL behind and work on her music career. “You might see me in Love & Hip Hop New York,” she hinted. “You never know.”

    Of course, there is also chatter that K.Michelle might be getting a show all her own, potentially making her the first “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star with their own spin-off. In her opinion, it’s another reason why there is so much tension between her and her cast mates.

    “I think it’s a lot of jealousy between my cast members, and they can’t say it’s not,” K mused. “It’s not my fault that God didn’t give them no talent. That’s not my fault that you didn’t take your platform and do something else with it.”

    All that said, K.Michelle wants to switch up how people see her. She wants VH1 viewers to see more of her than just someone who is constantly battling her co-stars on and off screen. She’s looking forward to the next step in her journey even though she’s not 100 percent sure what that may be.

    “Who knows what GOD has in store 4me,” the singer tweeted. “All I know is I’m tired of being the Kmichelle that has to curse everybody out. I’ve found my smile.”

    She added, “But don’t get me wrong you still have to hand out a verbal slaying every now and then. Keep the girls in order.”

    If she has any regrets from the season, though, it is her altercation with Mimi Faust after she shared her suspicions that Mimi’s man Niko is gay. On the upside, K.Michelle can happily report that she’s made amends with Mimi since smacked her with a bouquet of flowers.

    “You know I recently spoke with Mimi–I can’t give the show away–but I did apologize to her because at no means is it ever appropriate to slap somebody” K.Michelle told ABC. “Especially with my mom being there and that being my first sold out show at B. B. King’s and that’s very monumental for an artist and for you to come to my event; I don’t do that. But I will take the responsibility.”

    Ultimately, she admitted, “I should’ve just walked away from Mimi instead of making her smell the flowers.”

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