Daily Buzz 4.22.13: Mimi Faust said she’s not a role model

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    Mimi Faust: I’m not a role model

    Stevie J and Mimi Faust

    Photo courtesy of VH1

    Mimi Faust just wants to live her life. The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star made it very clear at a premiere party in New York that she isn’t looking to set an example for anyone.

    “I’m not a role model for anybody. That wasn’t my role that I set out to be a role model when I did this show,” Mimi said when asked how she feels about people looking to her to make better decisions in her love life. “My situation is my situation. I didn’t come on here to have people look up to me and follow behind what I do.”

    She added, “I gotta deal with my sh*t how I feel fit, not how I think someone else is going to look at me. ‘Well, let me think about this because a young girl might be looking.”

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