Did Toya Bush-Harris throw shade at single moms?

    Toya Bush Harris, Married to MedicineToya Bush-Harris found herself clarifying recent comments she made regarding the fact that her on-screen nemesis, Mariah Huq, had a child out of wedlock.

    “I decided to wait to have children with my husband,” Toya said during the most recent episode, explaining how her morals differ from Mariah’s.

    Toya, who engaged in a physical fight with Mariah in the previous week’s episode, apparently rubbed a few Twitter users the wrong way with that statement. Many accused her of being a hypocrite.

    “[W]hy comment about @iluvmariah getting pregnant before marriage? #married2med … like I said you’re a true hypocrite,” read one tweet. Another user wrote: “I don’t feel like u attacked single mothers. But, its different strokes for different folks. Everything dont deserve a comment.”

    Eventually, Toya responded to try to explain her remark.

    “Now I’m attacking single mother! Stop! All Mothers RULE! Mothers are the underpaid, loved by all, epitome of Greatness!” she wrote.

    The fight that aired last week was seemingly a result of Toya talking about Mariah’s daughter, who is adopted. Although Toya denied sharing any of Mariah’s family secrets, for many, her comments about the young girl being born before Mariah was married, just added fuel to the fire.

    “There are some things in life that adults don’t do.off limits… and that is to hurt a child while attempting to hurt the parent,” one Twitter fan wrote.


    Was Toya making a commentary on the morals of women who choose childbirth before marriage? If so, does she have a point, or is she way out of line? Leave your comments below.

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