Daily Buzz 4.23.13: ‘Mahogany’ remake in the works

    K.Michelle teases new album ‘Rebellious Soul’


    Photo courtesy VH1

    “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star K.Michelle is looking to shatter everyone’s assumptions about her with her upcoming album, Rebellious Soul.

    “This project means everything to me. A lot of people counted me out, a lot of people call me ratchet, and yes I can be ratchet. But I’m a ratchet musician,” she said in a trailer for the album. “I was determined with this project that people were gonna finally see me for more than just a crazy, ratchet reality star. I’m a star that’s on a reality show.”

    While K.Michelle acknowledges that people know her for acting out, she argues that she doesn’t do it for no reason.”I am the rebel with a cause,” she explains. “I rebel against racism. I rebel against all those things that society has placed upon us to try to make us feel inferior or to keep us tame.”

    She concluded, “No one will tame me ever.Never.”

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