Erica Dixon: Momma Dee is ‘Satan’s sister’

    Erica Dixon, VH1, Love and Hip Hop AtlantaErica Dixon may lift Momma Dee’s name up in prayer, but that doesn’t mean she has any desire to speak to her “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” co-star directly.

    “I pray for Momma Dee. If I see her, I speak, but other than that, I don’t want no dealings with her because that’s Satan’s sister,” Erica told

    Erica accepted a proposal of marriage from Momma Dee’s son, Lil Scrappy, but it’s unclear whether the two are still headed down the aisle. Erica has suggested that their relationship is over, and it’s doubtful Momma Dee had any objections if the two did split.

    “I tried to find the peace, but it’s been nothing but just negativity, and I think it’s because she’s old and she’s so miserable and she needs to find a man. She need some d!_k,” said Erica, who hasn’t been wearing her engagement ring to “LHH: ATL” promotional events.

    Viewers of the show have watched as the two women have fought and argued, while Lil Scrappy has tried to help them find common ground. Luckily, things haven’t become too physical between the ladies, but Erica was rumored to have gotten into an altercation with Shay Johnson, Scrappy’s ex, who continues to declare her love for him.

    Reports suggested that Erica pulled a razor on Shay, but the supposed bride-to-be said that’s not the case.

    “One thing about Erica, look. If I ever get into any altercation with anybody, trust and believe, I don’t need to use a weapon… I don’t need no weapon. Don’t come for me. Period.”

    Erica talks about what Scrappy did that shocked her, and K.Michelle explains her personality. Watch.

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