‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 4.23.13

    K.Michelle and Ariane make up

    A happy occasion turned into a mini-fight as Erica Dixon brought Mimi, Ariane Davis and K.Michelle together to celebrate her engagement. Erica knew there might be an uncomfortable moment since K and Ariane were at odds about a past lover they both have in common.

    Yet again MeMpHiTz has been brought into K.Michelle’s story line. The singer was left feeling a little hurt that cast mate Ariane Davis revealed during a radio interview that she’d slept with the music executive in the past (well before he met K).

    K argued that she felt betrayed and hurt, but Ariane was trying to get her to understand that she didn’t do it on purpose. After some shouting they settled their differences, but Ariane thinks it’s an uneasy peace.

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