Ray J to reveal truth behind ‘I Hit It First’?

    Ray JRay J said the mystery behind his controversial song “I Hit It First” may be solved next week when he reveals the original photo that he’s using to promote the track.

    “I felt like the picture was real artsy. I felt like it could create different things for the mind to see. Next week, I’m going to go on RayJ.com, and I might even just call you, and then I’ll reveal the picture,” he told Shaun Robinson of “Access Hollywood,” claiming that the revelation will clear things up.

    Ray J refused to outright deny that the song is about Kim Kardashian, explaining that there’s more than one ex who fits the description of the woman he sings about on the track.

    “In the past, I’ve dealt with a few women that are kind of…fit the same description in this song. Some just are more popular than others,” he said.

    Many assumed the song was about Kim, with whom Ray J created a sex tape that helped launch Kim to stardom. The reality star is now having a baby with rapper Kanye West, something listeners believed Ray referenced in his lyrics. However, he said he never wanted to name names, and he’s not going to now.

    “I told myself, I said, ‘I’m not going to say any names.’ I’m not going to go any deeper than what the song is already representing because I felt like I would just be throwing fuel on the fire.”

    Though Ray J won’t confirm or deny whether the sentiment expressed in the song has anything to do with his past relationship with Kim, he said he can’t stop people from assuming whatever they choose.

    “The song is about my life,” he said. “What’s good about music is you make your own interpretation.”

    Ray J talks more about the song and “Bad Girls Club All-Stars” below. Watch.

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