Ashanti interviews Nelly about women

    Ashanti, NellyTalk about an awkward situation, as a newbie host for Fuse TV, R&B singer Ashanti found herself sitting across from no other than her ex-boyfriend Nelly where she got to drill him about his career, his new single with Chris Brown and even what he likes in women!

    In an in-depth interview for Fuse’s Artist on Artist segment, the former lovers sat cozily across from each other, kicking it like true old friends. We must admit, while the two played it cool for the majority of the interview, it most definitely got “Hot in Herre” when Ashanti asked the St. Louis rapper about his dating no-no’s.

    “Bad breath is a deal breaker,” he said. “Someone who lacks the confidence within themselves to understand who they are, I wont say that’s a deal breaker, but I think we’ll definitely at some point hit that wall.”

    “And a nice set of thighs always helps,” he added.

    Awkward much?

    Nelly has made his way back onto the scene with a new single featuring Chris Brown called “Marry Go Round.” He said he chose Chris to feature on the song because Chris “needs to know who’s riding with him and who’s not, as we all do at some point in our life and career.”

    As for the evolution of hip-hop, Nelly said that he’s not here to judge whether it’s in a good situation or a bad one.

    “Hip-Hop is created for the youth by the youth. The youth has to make its same mistakes as we made…I think it’s on a broader scale now far as globally. I think it’s the more dominating music around the world,” he said.

    The “Country Grammar” rapper has come a long way over his ten plus years in the game, with numerous charities, his Apple Bottoms clothing line and a TV and film career under his belt. He said if he could go back and tell his 25-year old self anything now, it would be to appreciate what he’d accomplished a little bit more while it’s happening.

    “It goes so fast. When you do have those achievements and you never really soak that up, but then sometimes when you look back like wow, that was dope,” he said.

    Check out the entire interview below and Nelly’s new single “Marry Go Round.”

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