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    DeVon Franklin admits struggle with celibacy

    Meagan Good & DeVon Franklin

    Photo courtesy Alonda Thomas Public Relations

    DeVon Franklin admitted that it was not easy for him to resist getting physical with Meagan Good before they wed.

    During a chat with Let’s Pray TV, the film producer revealed that two major factors of him deciding to become celibate. In the past, DeVon was in relationship where he did have sex and that conflicted to what he was preaching in the pulpit. Once he broke up with the young lady, he decided to commit to being celibate until he got married.

    “I need to live in peace and I can’t live as being two different people. The desire for peace and harmony was also part of the motivator,” said DeVon. “That part was if, for some reason, my disobedience were to disqualify me for God’s purpose on my life, would the activity that I was engaging in have been worth it?”

    But DeVon revealed that it took a lot of determination, restraint and conversations with God to keep him from breaking his own vow. “It’s Meagan Good, so I had to do some prayer,” he said with a laugh.

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