Daily Buzz 4.24.13: Erica Campbell releases solo debut

    Porsha Stewart to sing about divorce

    Porsha Stewart & Kordell Stewart

    Photo courtesy Instagram

    Porsha Stewart is taking a page from Adele’s book and putting her heartbreak to music on her upcoming album. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star told ABC News Radio that she intends to use her sudden divorce from Kordell Stewart as inspiration.

    “What I’m going through I absolutely want to pour into some music. I’m living what a lot of people across the world have been through,” said Porsha. “And I’m going to use my voice, and my spirit, and my passion and pain and put it into this new song and release it.”

    The would-be singer reiterated her belief that “RHOA,” which often made Kordell look controlling and overbearing, did not cause her split. She’s not sure on what motivated her estranged husband to file for divorce but she said, “I’m sure I’ll find that out sooner or later.”

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