Eighty-year-old accused of killing husband for ‘talking smart’

    An 80-year-old Kansas City, MO woman is facing a first-degree murder charge after stabbing and beating her husband, 75, to death.

    Annie Oliver told her granddaughter that her husband, Ronald W. Oliver, hit her on the hand and began “talking smart” to her, while helping her, which is when woman says she “lost it,” according to Kansas City’s Fox 4.

    Fox 4 also reports that the couple’s neighbors never suspected any issues between the two, who have lived in that house for over 40 years, and that it was said to be one of the best kept homes on the block. The Olivers themselves were described as friendly and helpful neighbors.

    Pastor Clifford Bell of the Community Praise Worship and World Outreach Center told the news organizations that the pair, who he had known since 1973, was “like family.” But according to Annie herself, that perfect life was all a façade.

    The elderly woman told detectives she was tired of the verbal abuse from her husband and accused him of taking her clothing. She confessed to hitting him over the head with a bat. Police found the man’s body on the floor in the bedroom in a pool of blood.

    Court documents noted a swollen cut between Annie Oliver’s thumb and index finger.

    She is currently being held on $250,000 cash bond.

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