Lance Gross lost ‘Scandal’ role to Columbus Short

    Lance Gross

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    Lance Gross almost became a gladiator in a suit on “Scandal,” but there was a better man for the job.

    When the Temptation hunk dropped by Hot 97 yesterday, he told radio host Angie Martinez that he’s usually up against the same roster of guys on when he goes on auditions.

    That was especially true when he went out for the role of Harrison on the hit ABC drama “Scandal.”

    “I was up for that role. Yeah, it hurts,” Lance said with a laugh before congratulation Columbus on scoring the role. “He’s killing it. He was right for it.”

    Lance doesn’t harbor any hate for Columbus, and he’s since moved on to snag the starring role in an NBC pilot where he’ll play a secret service agent. In fact, Lance feels as though the guys keep it pretty cool with one another when trying out for the same part.

    “I feel like everybody uplifts everybody,” the actor told Angie, adding that he thinks women are far more likely to get snippy over a lost role. “I feel like the girls do that moreso than guys–getting catty about the roles. It’s friendly competition. It’s just like sports.”

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