Daily Buzz 4.26.13: Kelly Rowland announces release date

    Pharell’s ready to wed

    Pharrell’s turned in his player card! The producer, who is working with Jay-Z and Beyonce, said he’s settled down with a woman that understands him like no other–and he’s so happy that he doesn’t need any other woman but her!

    “I’m a different guy in the sense that I’m not touching no other woman besides my girl. I love my family and I’m super happy,” Pharrell told Hot 97. “It was so easy, because see here’s the thing,  I’m not no relationship expert, but I just recommend that you get with your bestie. Because y’all agree on everything.”

    But is he ready to put a ring on it in the near future? Pharrell said, “Yes, of course.”

    Back to that Jay-Z album, though: Pharrell, who helping Busta Rhymes put a new album together, hinted that Hov fans can expect more of his classic flow as the producer teased that “The Rain Man is back.”

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