Friday Funnies: Holy hip-hop

    Tony Rock is taking his pastor to task for some of his questionable practices in the pulpit.

    Tracey Edmond’s Alright TV is providing some chuckles from church in the online series “Walk This Way.”

    Not everyone is blessed to lead, but at least Tony can get a chuckle off of all his preacher’s shenanigans. And Rev. Daniels (played by Michael K. Williams) is giving him plenty of material by mixing up Notorious B.I.G with Bible scriptures.

    As lost as Rev. Daniels is, he’s still trying to provide Tamala Jones with a little guidance as she copes with a broken heart. Can he steer her from some exacting some revenge?

    Get more on Tracey Edmonds and Alright TV in the May 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister!

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