Taraji P. Henson talks ‘Think Like A Man’ sequel

    Taraji P Henson

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    Wendy Williams grilled Taraji P. Henson when she stopped by for a visit yesterday!

    Taraji brought lots of personality and sass as she sat down with Wendy on Thursday, and the pair  chatted about everything from her son to the sequel of Think Like A Man.

    “It’s being made, we start [shooting] May 13,” confirmed Taraji, who dished that production will take the cast and crew to Las Vegas.  Seeing as how Wendy didn’t know about shooting, it’s unclear whether she will appear in the sequel.

    Taraji’s always been able to evoke some amazing chemistry with her male co-stars as you saw with Michael Ealy in the original Think Like A Man, or with Tyrese in Baby Boy. Though many have speculated about whether Taraji’s ever hooked up with any of Hollywood’s hottest leading men, like Idris Elba,

    The short answer to that would be “no,” but that’s only because she’d much rather keep things professional to bring the best performance.

    “I just do not mix business with pleasure. I just don’t. I think the scenes, those love scenes would be different if we crossed that line,” Taraji said while explaining her dating preferences.

    Wendy wrapped things up by asking Taraji the burning questions that everyone wants to know–including whether or not she’d rather hook up with Tyrese Gibson or  Michael Ealy.

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