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    Behind The Scenes: Beyoncé’s H&M ad

    Beyonce H&M summer 2013

    Photo courtesy H&M

    There was a lot of chaos behind Beyonce’s easy, breezy, beachy campaign for H&M. She may have made it look effortless as she rolled around in the sand and the waves, but Bey had to be quick on the uptake to get the moves down.

    Her choreographer Frank Gatson revealed that she didn’t have quite as much time to learn the steps as she introduced her upcoming single “Standing On The Sun” in the TV ad. There was just as much work for the crew, too! There was a lot that went into bringing H&M’s vision to life.

    “We came up with this idea to incorporate the four elements–earth, wind, fire, water–to create the drama and make something just visually stunning,” said, H&M Creative Director Donald Schneider .”When we are in planning, everything seems to be easy and fun, but then when you arrive at the location, it’s an incredible amount of work.”

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