Fantasia shines with ‘Lose To Win’ on ‘The View’


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    Fantasia reflected on all the good things going on in her life as she sat down with the ladies of “The View”!

    The “Get It Right” diva lit up “The View” in a bright yellow blazer and Chanel earrings to promote her new album Side Effects of You. But before Fantasia could chat about her positive new outlook, the hosts wanted to know how she overcame a suicide attempt.

    But Fantasia didn’t want to call the attempt at taking her life suicide. She just wanted to leave the chaos behind. “I would say I wanted away. I wanted peace.  I was taking care of everybody, holding everything down,” Fantasia stated. “Not to mention that  there were so many things that were going wrong in the career, being so young, winning ‘American Idol’ at 19, nobody really preps you. It just all goes so fast.”

    Thankfully, Fantasia survived that low moment and has come out on the other side with a heart to appreciate the things that are working in her life. “After reaching that moment, I realized that it’s just the simple things that I have to be thankful for,” Fantasia said. “It’s a lot of people dealing with a lot worse. I have beautiful kids. I have a beautiful vocal that God has given me.

    She added, “Now I need to come back and worry about me–not worry about the other stuff, not take care of everybody–and just sing music!”

    Even Fantasia’s appearance was a testament to her resolve to remain positive and strong! Despite news that she has signed her mansion back over to the bank, Fantasia persevered and delivered a powerhouse performance of her hit “Lose To Win.”

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