‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 4.30.13

    Stevie J lost control of the women in his life and he couldn’t handle it on the latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

    Don’t bring THAHAs home!

    The second episode of “LHHA” season introduced two new cast members to the show with DJ Traci Steele and her babydaddy DJ Babey Drew.

    You might know Drew from his work with Chris Brown. Traci seems to know him for always keeping a disposable woman around. While he doesn’t own up to having a rotating roster of groupies, he has come up with a catchphrase!

    Drew busted out with a t-shirt that says THAHA across the chest. What’s THAHA? It’s an acronym for “These H*es Are H*es Always.” From the moment he got on screen he was really trying to make that term happen, but we’re not feeling it. It sounds a little silly.

    And the other thing to think about is that said THAHAs will now know what the code means because it’s on TV, which defeats the whole purpose of having a code Besides, if there was a catchphrase that came from this segment it would be “microwavable b*tches.” DJ Traci Steele might want to find a way to market that!

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