‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 4.30.13

    Shay and Momma Dee continue Mission: Nab Scrappy

    Shay and Momma Dee are continuing their campaign to get Scrappy to dump his fiancee Erica Dixon. Everything about this situation is just wrong because they are actively trying to destroy a happy home. This ratchet mess is a perfect example of what happens when disfunction and delusion are allowed to flourish.

    Shay and Momma Dee met up to go for a little ride to continue plotting on how to get Erica out of the picture. They seem to be under the impression that although Lil Scrappy is a grown man, he doesn’t possess the ability to think for himself. Let Shay tell it, Erica’s forcing Scrappy’s hand–even though Scrappy was the one who chose to commit to being with Erica.

    Shay might love Scrappy, but she may want to come to grips with the reality that Erica is his fiancee because he’s choosing to spend his life with her. If Scrappy wanted Shay, she would have gotten the ring, but she didn’t.

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