‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 4.30.13

    Shay wants answers

    Momma Dee set little Scrappy up! When she dropped in on his studio session, she came with a mission to bring him and Shay together. In a perfect world, Momma Dee would have liked for Scrappy and Shay to rekindle their relationship. But that’s not what Shay tagged along with her.

    Scrappy broke Shay’s heart when he proposed to Erica in front of her on the season 1 reunion of “LHHA.” While it wasn’t Scrappy’s intention to hurt Shay, he did. Now his old “friend” wants answers about why he did what he did the way he did it–after she

    At this moment, Shay’s not in a place where she can plainly ask him the questions she needs to ask because she’s still trying to see if she can get him back even though he’s with someone else. How do we know? This man just rejected her (again) and it only served to fuel her feelings for him.

    No matter what Shay or Momma Dee thinks, though, it was pretty obvious that it was hard for Scrappy to find out that he hurt someone he cares about.

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