Shaunie O’Neal, Marlon Yates respond to breakup rumors

    Shaunie O'Neal, Marlon Yates, Basketball WivesDespite what you may have heard, Shaunie O’Neal said things are fine between her and boyfriend Marlon Yates.

    Last week, rumors surfaced that there was trouble in paradise. Thanks to cryptic messages Marlon posted to his Instagram account, many began to wonder if the two were headed toward splitsville.

    “F&*k out my face with that you love me $#!t,” read one Instagram photo. “Dont get MAD when I pull a you on YOU,” read another.

    Quick-to-assume blogs began speculating that the end of their relationship was near, but Shaunie and Marlon told not to believe the hype.

    “I’m just having fun on Instagram,” he said. “If you want to know what’s going on with me and my relationship, just call me. Don’t just lie.”

    Shaunie said: “It’s not okay to make up stories about someone’s life and you haven’t even spoken with them.”

    The “Basketball Wives” creator admitted that the gossip bothered her at first, but ultimately she was unfazed.

    “Now, I just have to laugh.”

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