Porsha denies divorce publicity stunt, Kordell refutes gay rumors

    TwitPics_PorshaStewart_102512.jpgReality stars manufacturing drama to keep fans interested isn’t unheard of, but sources close to Porsha Stewart assure Sister 2 Sister that her divorce is not a publicity stunt.

    “Kordell [Stewart] really loves Porsha and it got to be too much for them,” said friends alluding to the stress and complications reality TV stardom brings. “It wasn’t something planned for the show.”

    Porsha hasn’t addressed the rumors directly, but her rep told HipHollywood.com: “Given everything this abrupt filing has put her through in the public, she would never bring something like this on herself, especially with them having a child in the house. She wishes things could have been different but that simply is not possible.”

    According to Porsha, she and Kordell are still living in the same home; however, the proceedings are underway, and she’s not thinking about reconciliation.

    A divorce publicity stunt isn’t the only denial coming from the Stewart household this week. Kordell took to Twitter to address rumors that he’s actually a homosexual living on the down low.

    When asked about the persistent gossip this week, Kordell refuted the gossip.

    “[W]hatever that is your heard that’s all it is. Wasn’t raised to be nothing but a grown man. Raised by MEN, god fearing MEN,” wrote Kordell.


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