TLC cancels ‘The Sisterhood’

    The Sisterhood

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    It looks like TLC has closed the doors of the church because “The Sisterhood” will not be back for a second season.

    Last month there were rumors that TLC might not pick up the show, which centered on the lives of Atlanta first ladies: Domonique Scott, Tara Lewis, Ivy Couch, Christina Murray and DeLana Rutherford.

    Now chatter of a possible cancelation for “The Sisterhood” has been confirmed. A source close to the show told Jawn Murray’s websites, “It absolutely won’t be back!”

    The show, which debuted in January, was met with opposition from many Christians and there was even a petition to get the show yanked from TLC’s roster of shows.  Buzz about the show didn’t create stellar ratings for “The Sisterhood,” which only averaged about 600,000 viewers per week.

    Upon hearing news that the show would not be renewed for season 2, Tara told, “I wasn’t surprised, but I remained hopeful that it would be renewed for a second season.”

    There may not be any reunion for the wives off-camera, either, as Tara hasn’t spoken to any of her cast members since the end of season 1.

    “No, I have not. They haven’t contacted me either,” Tara explained. “I did recently reach out two of the cast members via text message that I had issue with to bring peace as God commands us to do as sisters. The other one I had issue with, I do not have her number anymore; otherwise, I would have contacted her too.”

    The other wives on the show have yet to comment on the cancellation at this time.

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