Trina releases statement on brother’s death

    Trina and her brother
    Miami rapper Trina is finally speaking out on the tragic death of her brother, Wilbrent “Gonk” Bain.

    It’s been a rough stretch for Trina, who found out that her brother was gunned down near his home last week. Not much is known about the shooting at this time, but 27-year-old Ron Dobson has been arrested in connection with Wilbrent’s death.

    Up until now, Trina and her family have been coping with their sudden and tragic loss. Yesterday, though, she released a brief statement Instagram that let her fans know how much she appreciates their support during this difficult time.

    “First, I would like to thank all of my fans for your ongoing support, and your prayers sent during this time of [grief] for my family,” Trina wrote. “It means the world to me to know that even in my sorrow, I can still smile seeing the support. Thank you to my fellow musical colleagues and to the media who have sent their condolences.”

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