Beyoncé’s alleged tour rider revealed

    Forget Charmin Extra Soft, Beyoncé supposedly needs designer toilet paper and new seats in her bathroom!

    Beyoncé sings about being a diva, but if her alleged tour rider is any indication that title would be an understatement! The Daily Star claims to have uncovered a tour rider that is packed with a list of pretty outrageous demands from Bey.

    1. No Junk Food


    Beyoncé works hard to maintain her frame, and she doesn’t want to be tempted to chow down on something unhealthy after a show. That’s why alleged rider clearly states that the only food allowed in her almonds, oatcakes, leafy greens and an array of fruits and veggies that must all be served on glass platters.

    This might explained why her dancers were so sneaky with those snacks during Life Is But A Dream!

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