Kandi Burruss rooting for Porsha and Kordell to reconcile?

    kandi-Burruss.pngPorsha Stewart has stated that she’s not considering reconciling with her estranged hubby right now, but her co-star Kandi Burruss isn’t opposed to the idea of Porsha mending her marriage.

    “Hopefully, they can work things out. If he really is sincere about wanting to get back with her, I know she did love him,” Kandi told the DJs at Hot 97 radio station.

    Though some questioned whether the entire divorce news was conjured up as a publicity stunt, Kandi said Porsha’s emotions seemed genuine to her.

    “She was very hurt by it, and I hated that that was happening to her. I felt she is a really, really cool girl, and she was going hard for her marriage,” said Kandi, who’s never had a reason to think Porsha’s husband, Kordell Stewart, is gay, despite rumors.

    “I’ve never seen him hanging out with a boyfriend or nothing,” she said.

    Though she has one of the more pleasant voices among the “RHOA” cast members, Kandi told Bravo’s Andy Cohen that she’s done producing music for the reality stars.

    “I don’t want to record any more Housewives,” she said. “Nothing against them. I’m just done with Housewives’ songs. I’m done.”

    “Housewives” stars may have Kim Zolciak to thank for Kandi’s refusal to work on music with them in the future. After success producing songs for Kim, the two are now heading to court.

    “I really hate that this whole thing has turned into a negative situation between Kim and I because I did like her. We had a lot of good times, or whatever, but it was blown out of proportion. I feel like the lawsuit is more of a personal issue. It has nothing to do with how I feel about you as a person. Just business wise, I just didn’t like the way things went, and this is the way I have to handle it,” Kandi told the DJs.

    Watch more of her interview below.

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