Lil Scrappy: Momma Dee set me up

    Lil Scrappy has absolutely had it with Momma Dee’s scheming to get him back with Shay “Buckeey” Johnson.

    Momma Dee ambushed Scrappy during a recording session with a suprise visit from his old friend.  She wanted an explanation about why he dumped her so publicly before popping the question to his babymama Erica Dixon on national TV.

    Shay just knew she was going to be Scrappy’s woman after playing the sidepiece role all season. As such, she’s still confused about how he could have ended up with Erica. At least they’re both confused, though, because Scrappy was baffled about his mother’s attempts to play Cupid.

    “This is what your mama do? She done set a n*gga,” Scrappy said while watching the show   “And you know I’m weak for Shay. But I’m trying to do my thing, and keep my love life going with my wifey. You trippin’, mom.”

    The Q&A was hard on Scrappy becase he feels bad about hurting a friend. That said, he doesn’t plan on spending the rest of his life trying to make it up to Shay because he’d rather focus on building a life with his fiance Erica Dixon.

    “When you be all in it with a friend. You don’t want to hurt your relationship, you don’t want to hurt the person that you’re friends with,” said Scrappy. “I do hurt and I feel the pain that Shay’s feeling because that’s my people, but I’m not going to keep saying I’m sorry. I’m out of sorries.”

    He concluded, “I’m trying to go with E lady. Erica where you at? That’s where I’m going!

    Meanwhile, Stevie J and Joseline are still arguing about that illusive contract. He maintains the belief that he owns Joseline, but she feels like she’s given him back more than his fair share.

    “How could I give you any money if I don’t have a contract. And you have sex with me, that’s your 30 percent,” she reasoned.

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