Robin Thicke explains ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’ exit

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    If it hadn’t been for “Blurred Lines,” Robin Thicke said he might still be doing season 2 of “The Real Husbands of Hollywood.”

    Fans of the show were a little shocked to find out that Robin wouldn’t be back for the second round of Kevin Hart’s faux reality show.  As new of his departure from the “RHOH” broke, there were all kinds of speculations that Robin was bowing out because of rumored friction with Kevin because of all those jokes about his wife, Paula Patton.

    But Robin said that definitely was not the case because he and Kevin have always gotten along very well. “You know that’s comedy. Kevin and I actually met at Chris Paul’s wedding on about a year ago,” Robin told “The Breakfast Club” this morning. “When we met, I started impersonating him. We went to dinner and we laughed for hours. That’s why the show was fun and so easy to do.”

    Just as Kevin explained last month, Robin had to back out of season 2 because his new music has been a huge smash! Had “Blurred Lines” not been such a hit, he would have had time to do the show. However, he really wants to capitalize on this momentum.

    “The thing was, I was gonna do the new season and then this song started taking off,” Robin said, adding that a new studio project is on the way! “I didn’t have the time to do the new season. I had to get this album done. It was fun just to do it like once. Then you start to repeat story lines, repeating jokes.”

    Speaking of “Blurred Lines,” the track has hit the Top 10 in 20 different countries. Robin thinks part o that may be due to controversy over a sexier version of the flirty video where the models are topless.  But if Paula doesn’t have a problem with it, Robin doesn’t see why anyone else should.

    When asked if Paula got jealous of the girls on set, Robin said she was busy on another job that day. Besides, Robin revealed that when Paula knows he’s going to be surrounded by beautiful, half naked women all day, she always puts on a suprise show for him once he gets home. “She knows how to win that game,” he stated!

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