Wendy Williams wants Ray J to get over Kim Kardashian

    Wendy Williams

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    Wendy Williams thinks it is high time that Ray J grew up and got over the whole Kim  Kardashian thing.

    After seeing the video for “I Hit It First,” Wendy told her viewers that she’s really tired of Ray harping on his past romance with the uber-successful E! reality star. Denying that she’s showing any favoritism, Wendy feels that she was just keeping it real with Ray so that he can do better.

    “My thing with Ray J is that I just wish he’d get off the whole Kim Kardashian thing. That’s all,” Wendy said during a recent show. “I love Ray J. I’m just calling it the way I see it.”

    While Wendy acknowledges that Kim essentially got famous off of her sex tape with Ray, the chat diva points out that her family has spun the controversy into a mult-million dollar brand that has made Kim and her clan even more wealthy than they were before. If anything, Wendy feels that this may be a sore spot for Ray, who was a bigger name than Kim when they’re scandalous video got leaked.

    “They had the tape. Ray J and his family were the stars with talent and everything,” Wendy stated. “Now, all of a sudden, through lying on her back, Kim Kardashian is leaps and bounds ahead of the entire Ray J family. ”

    Wendy continued, “All of a sudden Kim Kardashian alone is worth more than Brandy, Ray J, the mom and the dad, the dog and the whole bit. I guess that hurts because real talent hasn’t prevailed; lying on the back has.”

    Again, Wendy called on Ray J to just move on with his life because Kim, who is having a baby with Kanye West,  has certainly done so already. “I just want [Ray J] to get over it,” Wendy reiterated. “Hopefully after she has the baby he’ll be over it. Just get over it.”

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