Alaska, Kim Gedeon debunk stereotypes in ‘Newlyweds’

    Kim Gedeon, Alasha Gedeon, Newlyweds the First YearAlaska and Kim Gedeon, of Bravo’s “Newlyweds The First Year,” aren’t your typical young, Black, Christian couple in the entertainment industry.

    Unlike some in show business, they decided to get hitched sooner rather than later; they maintain jet-setting lifestyles, and their interpretation of a Christian union isn’t quite so traditional.

    The two march to the beat of their own drum, and fans will see them in action when “Newlyweds” premiers Monday at 10 p.m. EST.

    Ignoring their hesitation, Alaska and Kim said they welcomed cameras into their homes to show that healthy, Black love does exist, even in the entertainment industry in which some people have ulterior motives.

    “I didn’t get with [Alaska] because of the title or how he looks or who he’s connected to, but purely because of him. I wanted them to see those values. I wanted people to see that there was no motives for why I wanted to be with Alaska. It wasn’t about his job title. It wasn’t about what he was connected to or how he looked, per se. It was just purely off of basic values that we shared with each other and the type of families we grew up in, and I think that’s what you’re going to kinda see throughout the show, hopefully. That was the story I wanted to show everyone,” she said.

    Their shared values keep their union strong, and the Gedeons explained that their faith is the key.

    “Our common denominator is God. We trump a lot of couples in that area,” said Kim, who sometimes gets the side eye from churchgoers when she shows up to services alone.

    Though they may not have the typical traditional marriage, following somewhat antiquated customs like having the dinner on the table each night at 6 p.m., they are confident their more modern take will work for them.

    “I don’t want to get caught up in the tradition of what Christian marriage should be,” said Kim. “We’re building a plane as we fly it.”

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