Doctors operate on wrong side of patient’s brain

    Regina TurnerWhen 53-year-old former paralegal Regina Turner went in for a left-side craniotomy bypass operation, she had hoped to put an end to a series of strokes, which she had been experiencing in recent years.

    When Regina came out, however, she found herself needing full-time assistance even for the simplest of needs and tasks.

    A lawsuit filed on Regina’s behalf alleges that the neurosurgeon, listed as “A.L.” (believed to be Dr. Armond Levy), performed a craniotomy on the incorrect side of Regina’s brain causing complications, and goes on to accuse the whole medical team of acting with “complete indifference to or conscious disregard for the safety of Regina Turner.”

    In addition to the 46-year-old Armond, the suit also names SSM Health Care St. Louis, according to the Huffington Post, who also released a statement given to them by Regina’s attorney, Alvin Wolff, via court documents.

    “Before the incorrect surgery, (Regina) was mobile, cognizant, and able to care for herself,” read court documents, which also stated, “After the incorrect surgery, (Regina) requires around the clock care for her basic needs.”

    Alvin also told NBC affiliate, KSDK that the entire team is at fault for this egregious error. “I think everybody in the operating room screwed up. I think somehow her had was marked for the correct side,” stated Alvin. “The incorrect side was prepped for surgery. A whole surgery was performed, and nobody noticed that the side was wrong.”

    Chris Howard, who is the hospital’s president and CEO, has gone on record to apologize for the botched surgery.

    “This was a breakdown in our procedures and it absolutely should not have happened. We apologized to the patient and continue to work with the patient and family to resolve this issue with fairness and compassion,” said Chris, who also added that an internal investigation is underway as well as new measures to ensure mistakes like this one don’t happen in the future.

    The lawsuit is asking for $25,000 plus medical expenses, though Alvin clarified that $25,000 is merely the jurisdictional amount and he will be asking for more.

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