Fed up journalists blast ‘rude,’ ‘indignant’ Nicki Minaj

    Nicki_Minaj“American Idol” fans have come to know Nicki Minaj for her fiery back-and-forths with fellow judges, notably Mariah Carey, but as one reporter learned, it’s more than just an act.

    “Access Hollywood” correspondent Laura Saltman was on the “Idol” red carpet interviewing contestants and judges, where she obviously rubbed the Young Money rapper the wrong way. The reporter asked Nicki about her recent Twitter exchange with Mariah, to try and get the inside scoop; however, Nicki was none too pleased with the line of questioning and snapped back, “That question didn’t even make sense. So you want me to insinuate what you’re talking about. I’m not going to.” Before Laura could get out a follow-up question Nicki rolled her eyes and quipped, “Okay, goodnight,” and walked away.

    Laura took to the “Access Hollywood” blog, calling Nicki “a mean girl, a cyber-bully who is just perpetuating the problems of social media,” and questioning the Young Money star’s staying power versus that of her adversarial cohort, Mariah. The entire blog post read: “In my 20 years in entertainment news, I have interviewed close to 5,000 celebrities – people who have bigger bragging rights than Nicki. Men and women who have Oscars, Grammys and Emmys. Yet by far she is the most ungracious of anyone I have met,” she wrote, complaining about Nicki’s handlers and other members of her camp, as well.

    “Each week, she comes backstage for interviews and we are told ‘two questions only’ while her people hover over you and even, at times, have their hand on your arm as you end your interview to make you stop. Waiver from the two-question rule and Nicki herself will walk away. She makes zero eye contact and has no connection to whomever is interviewing her. If she likes your question, she may give you a proper answer. If she doesn’t, she may give you a dirty look and walk off.”

    Although her question to Nicki wasn’t exactly “Idol” related, the journalist reasoned that she wanted to give Nicki a chance to redeem herself after calling Mariah “bitter” and “insecure” on Twitter.

    “Nicki’s comments on Twitter yesterday show who she really is – a mean girl, a cyber-bully who is just perpetuating the problems of social media,” wrote Laura. “The truth is that 20 years from now, Mariah Carey will still be known as one of the best female vocalists of all time. Nicki Minaj – well, I will let you decide that.”

    Laura’s co-star, Billy Bush, seemingly agreed, calling her a “pariah,” “rude” and “indignant.”

    Like she had done previously with Mariah, Nicki took to Twitter to attack the journalists, and commended those who kept their focus on the show.


    Some might find Nicki’s praise of those who only asked her about “Idol” a bit ironic, considering many have complained that all the buzz surrounding this season has been about Nicki and Mariah, not the contestants.

    Nick Cannon, Mariah’s famous husband, said she may not return to the show if the producers don’t bring the focus back to the hopeful music artists.

    “It’s kinda unfortunate because when you see someone like my wife who tries to remain classy and tries to take the high road, it feels like everybody else around it, including the network and the producers try to feed into this sound bite drama. It feels like it lacks substance,” Nick told KTLA TV. “People love that show for the contestants and the story and discovering a new star. That’s why my wife did it, to connect with the contestants. But when they feed all this other stuff into it, that’s not what she’s about. In the book of Mariah Carey, ‘American Idol’ will be a footnote.”

    Watch “Access Hollywood” tell their side of the story below.

    Nick Cannon comments on whether Mariah will return to “Idol.” Watch.

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