Sheree Whitfield flattered by NeNe Leakes’ attention

    Sheree Whitfield

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    Sheree Whitfield isn’t trippin’ off of NeNe Leakes’ recent rant in which she referred to the former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star as a b!tc#.

    “I’m flattered that she’s still thinking about me that much. I haven’t been on the show in a year, and she still has that much of me in her brain,” Sheree told “I think that’s sad.”

    During NeNe’s appearance on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live,” host Andy Cohen asked the actress whether she would ever be friends with Sheree again.

    NeNe responded that their relationship was irrevocably damaged and admitted that she regretted ever suggesting Sheree be a part of the show.

    Though NeNe has had issues with other “RHOA” cast members, most notably Kim Zolciak with whom she’s currently repairing her relationship, she said the difference with Sheree is that the former designer was never a good friend to her.

    “I think Sheree is very evil,” said NeNe who described her as “super secretive.”

    “I think she is a true b!tc#, and that’s not cute,” she added.

    Sheree said she’s unsure why NeNe’s been able to move forward with her one-time nemesis Kim, but holds on to her grudge against Sheree. However, she did take a guess.

    “We have a lot of history,” said Sheree who intimated that NeNe may be intimidated by her. “I can say probably when someone knows your baggage and someone knows all your dirt…and I’m not afraid of her.”

    Watch Sheree’s response below.


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