Syleena Johnson explains why she didn’t party with Nicci Gilbert

    Syleena Johnson_Chanita FosterSyleena Johnson admitted that she’s no fan of her “R&B Divas: Atlanta” co-star Nicci Gilbert, but she explained that’s not the reason why she hosted her own season 2 premiere party and didn’t attend Nicci’s.

    According to Syleena, the two dueling premiere parties were the result of miscommunication and bad planning.

    “I was informed by somebody from the network that they were not going to throw us an official release party. I was set out to just do something at my house with my friends and family,” Syleena told “Divas & Cocktails” co-host Chanita Foster.

    After she realized that Nicci and KeKe Wyatt were also hosting a premiere party, Syleena said she had to decline to attend—despite the fact that her image was used on the flier to promote the party—because of the bad blood between her and Nicci.

    “Clearly, I ain’t going to that, but then I felt bad because KeKe is my girl,” explained Syleena who reached out to Keke in an attempt to shut down the rumors.

    “Keke never called me and asked me anything. I called her to confirm what was going on. I only called her because there was foolishness going on,” said Nicci who didn’t want the drama to affect her friendship with KeKe.

    Though she wanted to preserve her relationship with KeKe, Syleena isn’t quite as concerned about fixing things with Nicci.

    “There’s no secret. I don’t care for Nicole Gilbert. I don’t wish anything bad on her,” she said.

    Had the network organized an official party and invited all the cast members to attend, Syleena clarified that she would have had no problem being there with her on-screen nemesis, Nicci.

    “If I could take eight weeks with b!tc#e$ and not be feeling one of them and sit right in their face you think another party is going to do… I ain’t got to be on the same side of the room,” said Syleena.

    Watch more from Syleena and Chanita in the exclusive Sister 2 Sister video below.

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