Charles Ramsey owns his domestic violence past

    Charles RamseyOne day he was hailed a hero. The next, his past misdoings were front-page news, but Charles Ramsey has owned his mistakes and said he learned from them.

    “Those incidents helped me become the man I am today and are the reason why I try to help the community as much as I can…including those women,” Charles said in reference to his rescue of Amanda Berry and two other women who had been kidnapped and abused.

    After his the video of Charles describing how he helped Amanda escape went viral, it didn’t take long for news of his past domestic violence charges to circulate.

    While the news has changed some people’s opinion of Ohio resident, Charles said he’s apologized to the ex-wife he’s accused of abusing years ago.

    “If I had so much hatred for women, I would have minded my own business this week and walked away instead of risking my life to save someone else,” he told TMZ.

    Watch Charles’ viral video below.

    Do you still consider Charles a hero even after learning of his domestic violence past, or does that negate his good deed? Leave your comments below.

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