Daily Buzz 5.9.13: ‘Deception’ canceled

    Shay Johnson’s not giving up on Lil Scrappy

    Shay Johnson - Buckeey

    Photo courtesy VH1

    Shay “Buckeey” Johnson intends to be a permanent fixture in Lil Scrappy’s life.

    “Scrappy will always be apart of my life. I will tell you that. Like I said, it started from a friendship and we’ll always continue on. That’s something beautiful that we have. Sometimes I feel we shouldn’t have stepped that boundary of being more than just friends, but it happened.

    Many wonder what Shay sees in Scrappy, but she wonders what’s not to love about the rapper. “He’s a great friend, first of all. We’ve been friends for over 5 years,” she started. “I think in a relationship, you should become friends before you’re lovers. And that’s something that we had that was very special and that we still have.

    She continued, “He’s a cutie pie and he’s genuine, and he’s sweet and he’s nice. He’s not perfect at all and neither is your man (points at camera). So don’t judge.”

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