Evelyn Lozada, Shaniece Hairston discuss being best friends

    Shaniece, Evelyn Lozada, Basketball Wives

    Photo courtesy of Rolling Out

    They didn’t think they could get much closer, but after her domestic violence incident with Chad Johnson, the bond between Evelyn Lozada and daughter Shaniece Hairston became unbreakable.

    “It was a great feeling to have her there, and to not have her judge me, or be negative, because during that time period, there was just so much negativity,” Evelyn told Rolling Out about her daughter’s support.

    “I couldn’t have been more thankful to have her there with me. She makes me feel safe,” the “Basketball Wives” star said.

    Though she was dealing with a lot of haters, many even questioning whether she provoked the violence she endured, Evelyn said she did receive some encouragement.

    “There was also a tremendous outpouring of support from fans and from women who had gone through the same things,” she said.

    Some 19-year-olds would prefer to be anywhere except by their mother’s side, but Shaniece said she considers her mother her best friend.

    That’s not to suggest that Evelyn doesn’t use her motherly authority when necessary.

    “I do stalk her Instagram. And yes, she’s about to be 20, but I am still her mother,” she said.

    See more from Evelyn and Shaniece below.

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