Quad Webb labels her ‘Married To Medicine’ co-stars

    QuadWebbLuncefordQuad Webb-Lunceford has no problem expressing how she really feels about any given topic, but what does she think of her “Married to Medicine” co-stars?

    When Quad sat down with The Jasmine Brand, she chatted about everything from her close friendship with cast mate Mariah Huq to her over-the-top attitude. Since it’s debut, Quad has been the breakout star of the show thanks to her catchphrases and personality.

    That’s led many to compare her to Tamar Braxton, and she told The Jasmine Brand that although she’s very much her own person, she doesn’t mind being put in the same box as Tamar. “You know, there might be some similarities but we’re still really different people. I love her personality,” Quad stated. “Give me someone who’s over the top. And I will live for them.

    But Quad does think that she and Tamar share the similar quality of having a big mouth. “I see sometimes where she’s kinda loud and I would say I’m loud too. But I see her heart,” said Quad. “She has a really great heart. She’s a very ambitious woman and she thrives to make her mark in life and I love that. I love to see that.

    Of course all these compliments just don’t compare to all the wonderful things she had to say about her home girl Mariah. We do understand how hard it is to come into a situation as friends and to leave as friends” Quad said of their relationship. “Our goal, we came in together we’re going to leave together.”

    That said, find out how Quad would describe each of her cast mates!

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