Kimrie Lewis-Davis expects all people to enjoy ‘Peeples’

    Though it’s a Tyler Perry film with a majority-Black cast, comedian Kimrie Lewis-Davis said all audiences will appreciate the humor in the new film Peeples.

    “It’s not a Black movie per se – this is a universal movie. There are so many universal themes that’s played to be funny,” said Kimrie. “People are going to be busting their guts. I guarantee you someone is going to be hospitalized because it’s that funny.”

    The cast includes comedic heavy hitters like David Alan Grier and Craig Robinson, and from the previews it’s sure to have moviegoers’ stomachs in cramps.

    Kimrie, who started her Sister 2 Sister interview in full character, breaking the ice by pretending to be a pizza delivery lady who had no pizza toppings or sauce, is in good company with the hilarious cast.

    Kimrie plays a feisty lovesick hopeless romantic who’s not afraid to run after her “soul mate,” she explained.

    “Meg is quite the one – she’s quirky and romantic. She’s a CNN camera woman who is ready to commit to love and relationships…like right now, today!,” laughed Kimrie. “She goes out looking for love and when she finds it she’s ready to dive right in.”

    The “universal themes” that Kimrie speaks of are uncomfortable family situations to which audiences will likely relate.

    “Things like bringing your loved one home to meet the parents always leads to that awkward moment when you don’t know how they will react or your significant other will react,” said Kimrie. “Then there’s being true to yourself and not trying to fake and be someone you’re not – it never works out.”

    Kimrie says the great energy we’ll see between the cast on the screen is thanks to a fellow cast member.

    “Early on in the shoot Craig Robinson called all the cast in a room, so you know I’m thinking ‘somebody’s ’bout to get fired’ – but that’s not what happened,” laughed Kimrie. “He sat us down and played a DVD of all the stuff that all of us had been in. It totally bonded us and we were like family already.”

    In addition to Tyler Perry Presents: Peeples, which is in theaters today, Kimrie has a few other things on the horizon.

    “You can expect to see me in an HBO pilot with Mike Epps called ‘The Unsuccessful Thug’ and I’m also in a new show on Russell Simmons’ All Best Digital network,” updated Kimrie.

    Get a preview of the film below.

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