Ray J working to continue ‘I Hit It First’ story

    Ray J & Kim Kardashian

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    Ray J’s really going to have people talking with his next round of music, which will pick up where “I Hit It First” left off.

    “I Hit It First” had people talking from the moment it was released online because it not-so-subtley talked about his former flame Kim Kardashian. While he initially denied that the song was about Kim, he did use a pixelated picture of her for the cover art, and he hired a lookalike for the video.

    But Ray J revealed that he’s got something even more intriguing on the way as he continues the story. “‘I Hit First’ was so left field,” Ray told S2S. “Making that song, it was the beginning of a story that I’m telling. Now it’s time to go into the next phase of it.”

    While the crooner wouldn’t give us too many details he did promise one thing.  “It’s going to be explosive,” said Ray, who is currently working on “Bad Girls All Star Battle,” set to debut May 21 at 9 p.m on Oxygen. “Right now, I’m in the middle of a battle with the baddest Bad Girls of all time. Everything’s on hold for this right here.”

    Even though his next studio project is pretty much on hold until he’s done with the show, Ray said that working on “Bad Girls All Star Battle” has provided him with lots of material.

    “Doing the show, when I went back into my room, I was creating on the spot,” Ray said. “Whenever I had time to just clear my mind, I would just come up with different concepts just being around the ‘Bad Girls’ battle set, it definitely inspired me to write.”

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