Kerry Washington wouldn’t call Olivia a ‘side piece’

    Photo courtesy of ABC

    Photo courtesy of ABC

    Kerry Washington is a fan of her “Scandal” character, Olivia Pope, and would prefer if she not be described as a “side piece.”

    Though the fictional character is involved with a steamy affair with a married man and father on the hit ABC show, Kerry said she would not use that word to reference to Olivia.

    “I don’t like the expression ‘side piece’ ‘cause I think when you call a woman a piece it sort of objectifies her,” explained Kerry, who pointed out that her TV lover seems to have genuine feelings for Olivia. It’s not just physical.

    Fans of the show, whose season finale airs Thursday, likely witnessed the fictional president choose his mistress over his wife in the latest episodes. “The president has said to her, ‘I will leave my wife for you,’” clarified Kerry who questioned whether Olivia falls into that “side piece” category.

    While some “Scandal” fans aren’t bothered by the fact that the show’s main character is involved in an elicit affair, others find it hard to root for Olivia. However, Kerry said it’s those layers that make the character interesting.

    “I feel like we all relate to that. We all have a job identity where we have to be in control, and we know what we’re doing,” she told Wendy Williams. “Then, behind closed doors we’re human, and you know I love that about her.”

    Watch Kerry and Wendy below.

    The cast members tease the season finale. Watch.

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